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Material used during Thomas Lickona workshop.

Dear teachers,

The books Mr. Lickona donated to Encino Library are ready:

This book reads like a love letter – from a teacher who loved his work and loved his students, and now wants to share everything he learned from a lifetime of honing his craft. It has more practical insights, inspiring stories, and tested strategies for bringing out the best in kids that one normally finds in ten books on education.

Watch Hal Urban talking about his book:

Visit his website:

Smart & Good High Schools is a national study of high schools—including site visits to 24 diverse schools, hundreds of interviews, a comprehensive research review, and the input of a National Experts Panel and a National Student Leaders Panel. The report offers a vision of educational excellence and nearly 100 promising practices for building 8 strengths of character that help youth lead productive, ethical, and fulfilling lives.

You can download the complete report here.

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Tools for teaching: Discipline, Instruction and Motivation by Fred Jones.

This book promises to help you to strengthen discipline, improve your instruction and, motivate your students! Try it, it includes a DVD.

A free study group activity guide on his site:

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Organization Made Easy: Tools For Today´s Teachers by Frank Buck.

This book shows you how to take expert advantage of specific electronic and paper-based resources that will help you manage your time, organize your surroundings, increase productivity, and reduce your stress. Organization expert Frank Buck provides teachers with a feeling of greater control of the day plus a renewed sense of pride in the teaching profession.

Free resources available at his website!

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Teaching for Understanding: Linking Research with Practice edited by Martha Stone Wiske.

Teaching for Understanding presents an innovative approach that helps students acquire and use knowledge not using memorization of information. Instead, researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, suggest to develop a level of understanding that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Watch Martha Stone Wiske, in her last visit to Mexico at Educación y Futuro 2011.

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Helping Students Motivate Themselves by Larry Ferlazzo.

A comprehensive outline of common classroom challenges, this book presents immediately applicable steps and lesson plans for all middle and high school teachers looking to help students motivate themselves. With coverage of brain-based learning, classroom management, and using technology, these strategies can be easily incorporated into any curriculum.

Learn from Larry Ferlazzo, some strategies to solve challenges inside the classroom.

Visit author´s blog:

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Total Participation Techniques by Pérsida and William Himmele.

Providing easy-to-use alternatives to the stand and deliver approach to teaching that causes so many students to tune out–or even drop out–Total Participation Techniques presents dozens of ways to engage K 12 students in active learning and allow them to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge and understanding.


You can read the book here or check out one of the two copies available at Encino Library.

Study guide also available.

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Nonfiction Mentor Texts by Lynne R. Dorfman and Rose Cappelli.

Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli demonstrated how teachers can use children’s literature to guide and inspire student writers of narrative fiction and poetry. Now they have turned their focus to nonfiction, identifying a wide range of mentor texts and showing how these models illustrate the key features of good writing.

Classroom anecdotes, samples and projects that help you to engage students into nonfiction writing.

Why Teach with Mentor Texts?

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Deeper Reading by Kelly Gallagher.

Do your students often struggle with difficult novels and other challenging texts? Do they primarily comprehend at a surface level? Building on twenty years of teaching language arts, Kelly Gallagher, author of Reading Reasons, shows how students can be taught to successfully read a broad range of challenging and difficult texts with deeper levels of comprehension.

Classroom proof techniques for reading plus Ms. Janice highlights!

Learn more in this video:

Or watch this about his title called “Readicide”:

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Teaching Adolescent Writers by Kelly Gallagher.

In an increasingly demanding world of literacy, it has become critical that students know how to write effectively. From the requirements of standardized tests to those of the wired workplace, the ability to write well, once a luxury, has become a necessity. Many students are leaving school without the necessary writing practice and skills needed to compete in a complex and fast-moving Information Age. Unless we teach them how to run with it, they are in danger of being run over by a stampede—a literacy stampede.

The author shares his classroom experiences incorporating humor anecdotes and well illustrated examples of how to teach writing to teens. Learn about the writing reasons guided by Ms. Janice highlights.

Visit the author website here.

I also recommend to read “Readicide”, here the first part of an interview about it:

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Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School by Kathleen Palmer Cleveland.






A flexible and practical framework for decision making in the classroom, this  model seeks to:

  • Replace the underachieving boy´s negative attitudes about learning;
  • Reconnect each boy with school, with learning, and with a belief in himself as a competent learner
  • Rebuild learning skills that lead to success in school and in life; and
  • Reduce the need for unproductive and  distracting behaviors as a means of self-protection.

Read this book online at ASCD.

More books from ASCD & free professional development.

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