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New titles for teachers!

imagesThe First Six Weeks of School by Paula Denton and Roxann Kriete.

The tone for the entire year is established during the early weeks of school. Teachers who take their time during this critically important period, who move slowly and thoughtfully to build a solid foundation, find that it pays off all year long with increased student investment, cooperation, responsibility, and self-control.

This book is a comprehensive guidebook showing K-6 teachers how to structure the first six weeks of school to lay the groundwork for a productive year of learning.


 Engaging Teachers in Classroom Walkthroughs by Donald S. Kachur, Judith A. Stout and Claudia L. Edwards.

A practical guide to the planning and implementation of brief but focused classroom observations that involve teachers in every step of the process.


Fireworks by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop.

A tender and comic portrait of suburban despair, Fireworks details the events of one strange summer in which a man´s troubled soul hangs in balance.

12863327Picturing the World: Informational Picture Books for Children by Kathleen T. Isaacs.

Enrich your library collection with outstanding informational books that children really want to read. This annotated resource by veteran children’s book reviewer Isaacs surveys the best nonfiction/informational titles for ages 3 through 10, helping librarians make informed collection development and purchasing decisions. From Goodreads.

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Organization Made Easy: Tools For Today´s Teachers by Frank Buck.

This book shows you how to take expert advantage of specific electronic and paper-based resources that will help you manage your time, organize your surroundings, increase productivity, and reduce your stress. Organization expert Frank Buck provides teachers with a feeling of greater control of the day plus a renewed sense of pride in the teaching profession.

Free resources available at his website!

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Informal Classroom Observations On The Go: Feedback, Discussion, and Reflection by Sally J. Zepeda.

A valuable resource for instructional coaches, curriculum coordinators, chair people, and school leaders, this book will assist with conducting informal classroom observations and supporting teacher skill development.

The tools in this book are designed to increase the efficiency of classroom walkthroughs, support professional development, and give teachers the helpful feedback they need to improve student learning.

Featuring 51 tools available for use on ipads and laptops.

Watch Sally Zepeda talking about Professional Development, one more of her books: Or click here if you want to know about her books.

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The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman.

Miss Breakbone hates kids. Especially the time-squandering, mind wandering, doodling, dozing dunderheads in her class. But when she confiscates Junkyard’s crucial find, she finally goes too far. Enter Wheels (and his souped-up bike with forty-eight extra gears), Pencil (who can draw anything from memory), Spider (look up and you’ll find him), and their fellow misfits in a spectacular display of teamwork aimed at teaching Miss Breakbone a lesson she won’t soon forget. From Goodreads.

Visit Paul Fleischman website.


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Ready, set, go green! by Teresa Domnauer.

Eco-friendly activities for school and home.

This book easily explain current environmental topics. This book is filled with interesting facts, and figures, fun activity pages, quick and easy tips, and project ideas.

More activities:

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