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A bunch of interesting books you can start reading…

índiceAlligator VS Crocodile: Animals Head to Head by Isabel Thomas.

  • Which is bigger?
  • Which is stronger?
  • Which would win in a fight?

índice Superstars 2012 by Jim Gigliotti.

Find out what makes these NFL players some of the best!

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Tom Brady
  • Arian Foster
  • Drew Brees
  • Tim Tebow
  • Eli Manning
  • Cam Newton
  • Ray Rice

And more!

índice Hillary Clinton by Robin S. Doak.

Inside this book, you´ll read:

How Clinton became involved with politics as a young woman.

A timeline, photos-and what Clinton has accomplished as a first lady, senator and secretary of state.

Surprising true fact that will shock and amaze you!


Cyberbullying by Lucia Raatma.

What makes a cyberbully different from other bullies?

Which rules you should follow to stay safe online?

Read this and other surprising true facts that will shock and amaze you!


Stop Bullying by Lucia Raatma.

Why do bullies choose to pick on certain kids? There is no good reason why a bully targets a specific person. This book will show how to act and help others to react.


Electric Ben by Robert Byrd.

A true Renaissance man, Benjamin Franklin was the first American celebrity. In pictures and text, master artist Robert Byrd documents Franklin’s numerous and diverse accomplishments, from framing the Constitution to creating bifocals. by Goodreads.

índiceOne Times Square: a Century of Change at the Crossroad of the World by Joe McKendry.

This book explores the story of this fascinating intersection, starting when Broadway was a mere dirt path known as Bloomingdale Road, through the district´s decades of postwar decay, to its renewal as a glittering, tourist-friendly media mecca. McKendry´s meticulous informed watercolors take readers behind the famous Camel billboard to find out how it blend smoke rings over the square for twenty-five years, to the top of the Times Tower to see hoy the New Year´s ball has made its descent for over one hundred yeas, and onto construction sites as building grow up around One Times Square to dwarf what once ranked among the tallest buildings in the world.

índice Unusual Creatures: a Mostly Accurate Account of Some of Earth´s Strangest Animals by Michael Hearst.

Fascinating facts and hundreds more await intrepid readers, amateur zoologists, and anyone who has ever laughed at a funny-looking animal.


The Dressing-Up Book by Jane Bull.

50 easy-peasy ideas to design and make cracking costumes. Whatever the occasion, from a fairy princess to a knight in shining armour.


The Party Book by Jane Bull.

50 ideas to help you plan a fun-packed party.  Choose the theme, make cool invitations, create the mood and send your friends home happy with great goody bags!


Four Minutes Starring Christopher Plummer and Jamie Maclachlan.

After Mount Everest was conquered in 1953, the last great individual challenge remained the four minute mile. While many sought to break through the most famous barrier in sporting history, it was medical student and driven amateur Roger Bannister who did it – astounding the world.


God Grew Tired of Us.

Narrated by Nicole Kidman, this documentary explores the indomitable spirit of three “lost Boys” from the Sudan who are forced to leave their homeland due to a tumultuous civil war. The documentary chronicles their triumph over seemingly insurmountable adversities and a relocation to America, where the Lost Boys build active and fulfilling new lives but remain deeply committed to helping friends and family they have left behind.

Learn more about: 
índiceMummy Math: an Adventure in Geometry by Cindy Neuschwander.

The Zills family is summoned to Egypt to help find the hidden burial chamber of an ancient pharaoh. But when Matt and Bibi get trapped in the pharaoh´s pyramid.  They stumble upon an ever-bigger mystery. With only each other, their dog Riley and the geometric hieroglyphics on the wall to help them.  The twins must use their math skills to locate the burial chamber-and the way out.

índiceA Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World.

All over the world children are leading their lives in completely different and fascinating ways. Face with many challenges, they all have one thing in common-a passion for life.


National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014.

Dare to explore!

You´ll find:

  • New cute animals special section!
  • New weird-but-true facts!
  • New continents of the world features
  • New digital extras for smartphones!


  • All-new games, jokes, and activities
  • More than 500 amazing photos.
  • Completely updated maps and reference material.

índiceThat´s Gross! By Crispin Boyer.

Warning! This book may cause cringing, squirming, gasping, and outright disgust. Read at your own risk.


Everything Dogs by Becky Baines.

Meet golden retriever and toy poodles, mixed-up mutts and cute little puppies, and many more of your favorite canine companions. Jump into facts about where dogs come from, why they bark, and how they communicate. Find out why dogs hide bones, why they roll in dirt, and how they likely spend their day.


Deadliest Animals by Melissa Stewart.

Did you know that a tiny golf ball-sized creature called the blue-ringed octopus contains enough venom to kill 26 adult humans? Or why the Sydney funnel web spider is one of the most dangerous creatures in the world? In this Level 3 book, kids will be fascinated by 12 species that you hope you’ll never come across! Sharks, snakes, jellyfish and more—these creatures are among the most threatening—and interesting—in the world!From Amazon.


Martin Luther King, Jr. by Kitson Jazynka.

In this book, readers will learn about the fascinating life and legacy civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From Amazon.


Butterflies by Laura Marsh.

 The monarch butterfly, one of the most seemingly delicate of all of nature’s animals, proves to be one of the toughest in this reader. Making the yearly trip from the Northern United States and Canada to the Oyamel forest of Mexico is no easy task, and it takes five generations of butterflies in order to do so. Battling cold temperatures and the threat of starvation, these beautiful insects complete an almost 3,000 mile journey over the course of two months, only to have to turn and around and head back home. From Amazon.

índiceBetter than a Lemonade Stand!: Small Business Ideas for Kids by Daryl Bernstein.

55 fun, simple ideas to start your own business today. From creating a plan to collecting the cash, you´ll learn everything you need to know.

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From the generous donation of 8th grade (2012-2013).

índiceMonster High by Lisi Harrison.

Melody and her family left 90210 for the fresh air of Salem, Oregon. After shedding her old camel-hump nose and constant asthma attacks, Melody finally gets to be 2the pretty one” at Merston High. Too bad she feels like a fraud… until she meets Jackson. But is he hiding something? Could it be related to the totally bizarre rumors about… monster sightings?

Fellow new student Frankie has lived in Salem all her life-but then again, she´s only been alive for fifteen days. She sets out to conquer high school, boys, and shopping, in that order. Unfortch, people freak over Fankie´s mint green skin instead of applauding her voltage fashion sense. If she wants to fit in, she’s going to have to hide a monster of a secret. Instead, she risks it all for a stolen kiss. A mistake that could cost her everything.

Can Melody and Frankie survive the “horrors” of high school?


Fright Camp by R. L. Stine.

I lowered my head and started to swim slowly, steadily out to the white, floating platform. I was four or five strokes away from it when I felt something wrap around my ankle.

At first, I thought it was a piece of seaweed. But then I felt it grip me. I trashed the water with both hands. “Let go-¨But the hand, bony hand held on, tugging me, tugging me underwater.

índiceKailey by Amy Goldman Koss.

Whether she´s spying on tide-pool creatures or splash crashing through waves on her boogie board, there´s no place then-year-old Kailey loves more than the ocean. She and her best friend, Tess, feel totally lucky when they find out a resort-mall-movie multiplex is “Coming soon!” to their beach. Twelve movie theaters. Cool shops. Maybe even bathrooms” Then Kailey learns the whole truth: developers plan to haul away the rocky tide pool to make a smooth sandy beach for tourists. Messing with a whole tide-pool universe is just plain not OK. Kailey´s got a great idea, but she´s never tried anything like it before. If she can believe in herself and make it work, there might be hope for the tide pools yet.

índice  Hot Dog and Bob and the exceptionally Eggy Attack of the Game Gators.

Bob, Clementine and the rest of the class from Lugenheimer Elementary School are mysterious transported to the domain of the Exceptionally Eggy Game Gators, Will Bob and Clementine find their way out of the gators´ maze in time to save the world? Will Hot Dog find his superhero helpers so he doesn’t leave then in the lurch?

índiceViking at School by Jeremy Strong.

This grinned at this classmates, and they stared back at the great big, hairy Viking sitting in their classroom.

Siggurd the Viviking is back in Flotby, but not everyone is pleased to see him. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis don´t know what to do with him until they hit upon a brilliant idea-perhaps a short spell at school would teach the Viking some twentieth-century manners.


Lanie by Jane Kurtz.

Lanie was born with “outside genes”. She dreams of being an explorer of the wide, wonderful world-tracking wildlife, trying new experiments, and recording factoids in her science journal. Trouble is, the rest of her family has “inside genes”. It wouldn´t be son bad if Dakota, her best friend and fellow nature lover, were around. But she´s on the other side of the world, having awesome adventures in a real rain forest.

What Lanie needs are some real adventures of her own. Things start looking up when her outdoorsy Aunt Hannah comes to stay-and Lanie finds a few surprises in her own backyard.

índiceTaking the Cake by Lisa Papademetriou.

Hayley´s life has turned completely upside down. It looks like her crush has found a new girlfriend and it´s Hayley´s ex-BFF, Artie. Hayleys´ new friend, Meghan, is a sweet as a pistachio cupcake-and just as nutty. And Hayley’s dad has big plans for an untraditional family Thanksgiving-with his new girl friend and her parents! Sigh. This mess really takes the cake!


Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye.

Fourteen-year-old Leven Thumps lives a wretched life in Oklahoma. But everything is about to changes as he learns about a secret gateway that bridges two worlds-the real one and Foo.


Throw me a Bone by Cooper Gillespie.

50 delectable recipes for snacks, meals, and treats for your canine companion.


Elisabeth: The Princess Bride by Barry Denenberg.

 Author Barry Denenberg brings us into the whirlwind that is the life of Princess Elisabeth of Austria. A free and impetuous spirit, Elisabeth is chosen at the age of fifteen (over her older sister) to be the wife of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria. From that moment on, she is thrown into an intimidating world of restrictions and tremendous responsibilities. Feeling lonely and alienated, Elisabeth is forced to rely upon her own personal strength, which eventually leads her down the aisle and into an uncertain future. From Goodreads.


Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger by Richard J. Brenner.

For teachers:

índiceShania Twain: From This Moment On.

The world may know Shania Twain as many things: a music legend, a mother, and other roles. But in this extraordinary autobiography, she reveals that she is so much more.


Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.

Meredith and Nina are as different as sisters can be. One stayed at home; the other traveled the world. But when their father falls ill, they will find themselves together again, standing alongside their icy mother, Anya. Their father extracts a promise to his wife: tell her daughters a story….


Presidents by Carter Smith.

All the facts regarding U.S. Presidents before Barack Obama.


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Is there any new book about Sports? Actually, there are two at Encino Library!

Scholastic Year in Sports 2012.

This must-have sports almanac will tell kids everything they want and need to know about the previous year in sports. Relive the year’s most thrilling moments and championships and meet the top athletes and legends, along with predictions for the coming year. Includes fabulous full-color photographs throughout from major sports like basketball, baseball, football, and hockey, to golf, tennis, cycling, auto racing, action sports, and more! From Scholastic.

Game Breakers by James Gigliotti.

Find out what makes these fifteen players the best of the best!: Drew Brees, Dallas Clark, Larry Fitzgerald, James Harrison, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Thomas Jones, Eli Manning, Chad Pennington, Adrian Peterson, Ed Reed, Philip Rivers, DeMarcus Ware, Wes Welker and Brian Westbrook.

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The NFL´s Top 100 by James Buckley Jr.

The NFL called on football experts from every corner of the sport to identify the most extraordinary athletes in the history of the league – the players who stand head and shoulder pads above the rest.

Their choices were revelead, the players at a time, in a weekly series presented in the NFL network. Now, you can read it, all together in this book!

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1st and 10: Top Lists of Everything in Football by James Buckley Jr.

Top 10 touchdown leaders

Top 10 helmets

Top 10 Super Bowls

Top 10 fastest players

Top 10 football families

Top 10 fans

And much more!

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Ultimate Guide to Football by James Buckley Jr.

Football is a fun game to play, but even if you can´t get out and play, it´s a fun game to watch and to read about. Enjoy this ultimate guide to the game. And when the rain lets up, go outside and play it!

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NFL Teams of the AFC / NFL Teams of the NFC

Two books in one! Learn more about your favorite team!!

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