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DVD new collection.

la foto[1]

CI teachers can check DVDs from our new collection, here the titles:

  • Grammar Jammar
  • Auschwitz
  • The pianist
  • Gandhi
  • Into the arms of strangers
  • UNHCR Global View 2006
  • Rx for survival
  • Secret lives
  • Los pequeños gigantes
  • The Flying Scotsman
  • The sandlot
  • Focus on Grammar
  • South Sudan
  • Strange Days on Planet Earth
  • Enigma Colón
  • Nefertiti al descubierto
  • Super armas del mundo antiguo
  • Grandes egipcios
  • Alejandría ciudad sumergida
  • Faraonas de la antiguedad
  • Ramses
  • Alejandro Magno
  • Los últimos días de Pompeya
  • Templo de los dioses
  • Fer quiere saber de ecología
  • One survivor remembers
  • A time for justice
  • Why Shakespeare?

I hope you enjoy them, most of them are part of a generous donation from AS Coordinator, Ms. Janice. Thank you!


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The Young Activist´s Guide to Building a Green Movement + Changing the World by Sharon J. Smith.

If you want to make a significant and sustainable impact on the health of our planet, this powerful and practical guide can help.

Author and activist Sharon J. Smith shares proven strategies and lessons learned from the winners of Earth Island Institute’s Brower Youth Awards–America’s top honor for young green leaders.

Here are all the tools you need–from planning a campaign and recruiting supporters to raising money and attracting media attention–to turn your ideas into actions and make changes that matter.

Learn more at:

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Make It! by Jane Bull.

STOP-think before you throw away!

Can you reuse your rubbish?

The answer is yes. Make it! is packed with ideas to turn your trash into treasure. Wether it´s paper, plastic, metal, or fabric, you can make gorgeous gifts and terrific toys.

Take another look at your trash and get creative. Going green has never been so much fun!


Make a butterfly container:

Look for more at Simple Kids Crafts.

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Green Party at Planetario Alfa

Next November 13, visit Planetario Alfa and exchange 30 cans or 30 PET bottles for a free entrance ticket + a raffle appliances ticket.

Don´t miss next exhibition: “La vuelta al mundo en 180 zapatos”

Inauguration on November 12

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Heroes of the environment by Harriet Rohmer.

12 true stories of people from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico who have done great things for the environment. Heroes include a teenage girl who figured out how to remove an industrial pollutant from the Ohio River, a Mexican superstar wrestler who works to protect turtles and whales, and a teenage boy from Rhode Island who helped his community and his state develop effective e-waste recycling programs. Heroes are of a variety of ages and racial/ethnic backgrounds, and the stories feature plenty of visuals – both photos and illustration. From Goodreads.

Book trailer SJSU MLIS Program:

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Earth Care by Margaret Read MacDonald.

Readers and storytellers of all ages will find much to enjoy and ponder here. Several tales are written in simple, repetitive styles that can be read by young children. A brief proverb ends every tale, all of which illuminate the wisdom of some of the old ways and demonstrate that concern for the environment is not a new issue in history. These humorous, profound, deceptively simple tales are a welcome addition to world literature collections. From Kirkus.

Click on Margaret Read MacDonald name to visit her site.

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An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore.

Based on his awarded documentary, Al Gore share with us his book: An inconvenient truth.

Watch the documentary trailer:

Or visit the website:

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