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How Weird Is It? A Freaky Book All About Strangeness by Ben Hillman.

What´s small and furry and chased mice around pyramids thousands of years ago?

That´s right, an Egyptian cat. But what was the final fate of these family felines? For many of them, it was time to be turned into cat mummies!

Want to see more, check his website:

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2 new books of 100… Things Series by Anna Claybourne.

100 Scariest Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne.

 Can you imagine what it´s like to be caught in an ice storm? To hang from a trapeze? Or to come face-to-face with a great white shark? From the wobbliest bridges to the scariest storms, from deadly animals to killer viruses, this is your ultimate guide to:

  • Venomous snakes
  • Towering cliffs
  • Revolting rats
  • Precarious bridges
  • Dangerous sports
  • Extraordinary feats
  • Strangest science
  • Mightiest monsters
  • Raging storms
  • Alien intruders
  • Deadliest spiders
  • Freakiest events
  • Terrifying rides

And much more! Each horrifying topic includes a “fear factor” rating, plus all the frightening details that will send shivers down your spine!

100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne.

Can you imagine what it´s like to stand on the top of the tallest building in the world? To ride a rocket planet? Or to witness the biggest waves on the planet? From the highest mountains to the deepest canyons, from the most powerful engines to the fastest trains, this is your ultimate guide to:

  • Tallest buildings
  • Terrifying storms
  • Giant waves
  • Exploding volcanoes
  • Coolest creatures
  • Tiniest machines
  • Biggest earthquakes
  • Incredible architecture
  • Levitating trains
  • Fabulous caves
  • Hottest desert
  • Creepiest mummies

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Ripley´s Believe It or Not! Strikingly True!

All new unbelievably weird!

Meet the man who chews molten lead…

A cat that can predict death…

The vending machine that dispenses live crabs…

Watch the book trailer, but please remember you are should not attempt to re-create what you are seeing:

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Ripley´s Believe It or Not! Special Edition 2012.

One of the most popular books is already at Encino Library: Ripley´s Believe It or Not! Special Edition 2012.

There´s nothing stranger than the truth. The proof is inside! Have you ever seen…

an artist that squirts paint from his eyes?

a snowman smaller than the width of a human hair?

a Triceratops made out of pumpkins?

Can it be? Find it out at Encino Library!


Can´t wait? Look for weirdest stuff at Ripley´s site.

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Incredible People by Celeste Lee and Ryan Herndon.

Catch an unforgettable glimpse inside the lives of 25 amazing record-breakers. Stunning color photos bring you up close to the action by:

  • Clocking the time of the World´s Fastest Man
  • Sketching a forensics portrait to catch a criminal
  • Taking a spin in Richard Petty´s racecar
  • Grabbing air on the skateboard of Danny Way
  • Competing in a marathon every weekend – for three years!

Which are the newest records?

Read here:

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