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Garfield Beefs Up by Jim Davis.

Garfield spreads even more mirth-and girth-to cartoon lovers everywhere. Whether he´s dissing Jon´s latest date, kicking Odie off the kitchen table, this well-rounded cat has an insatiable appetite for fun!

March 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm 2 comments

Vampires and other spooky stories.

My sister the vampire: Love Bites by Sienna Mercer.

Is Transylvania ready for the twins?

Olivia and Ivy are headed to Transylvania to meet their dad´s side of the family, which just happens to be vampire royalty. Olivia is prepped to feel out of her element, but discovers she fits i with the fanged ones pretty well.

Ivy is a little less at ease-fancy clothes, royal dinners, and endless curtsies aren´t really her style. She soon has a project to distract her style. The crown prince of Transylvania seems a little too interested n Olivia-is he just being friendly, or is he up to no good?

My sister the vampire: Lucky Break by Sienna Mercer.

Olivia and Ivy are thrilled that their friend Camilla is putting on a play. And not just any play- Romeo and Juliet! Could anything be more romantic?

Olivia is swooning at the thought of stepping into the lead role (and hopes that dreamy Jackson will be Romeo to her Juliet). But no theater production happens without its fair share of drama… and this on is no exception!

Watch the book trailer:

Curiosity killed the cat by Sierra Harimann.

Hannah isn´t thrilled to be moving in with her dad and his new family, who live in a house this close to a spooky cemetery. Luckily, Hannah doesn´t believe all the “ghost cat” stories she´s heard about the graveyard.

Besides, Hannah has bigger worries: her stepsister, Madison, is a total mean girl. Hannah´s cat, Icky, has been missing since the move. and worst of all, every night something scratches at her door, but when she looks, nothing is there! Hannah´s starting to wonder-could those scary stories be true after all?

School of Fear: Class is not dismissed by Gitty Daneshvari.

n this hilarious follow-up to School of Fear, eccentric headmaster Mrs. Wellington demands requests the presence of Madeleine, Theo, Lulu, and Garrison for a mandatory summer of retraining after discovering that each of her former students has secretly regressed. Facing their fears was terrifying enough, but when the foursome learns they’ll be joined by a fifth student, things start to get even scarier.

To make matters worse, the students quickly find themselves tasked with saving their school. And because failing means spending the rest of their lives with unresolved phobias, this is one test they all plan to ace. From Goodreads.

Creepover: Truth or dare… by P. J. Night.

During a round of Truth or Dare. Abby Miller confesses her crush on Jake Chilson. The only people who know her secret are her friends at her sleepover-and whoever sent her a text message in the middle of the night warning her to stay away from Jake… or else!

But Abby isn´t going to stay away from Jake especially not after he asks her to the school dance.

As the night of the dance approaches, some very creepy things start happening to Abby. Someone definitely wants to sabotage her plans with Jake. Is it a jealous classmate, or, as Abby begins to suspect, could it be a ghost?

Creepover trailer:



March 27, 2012 at 2:11 pm 2 comments

Garfield´s Guide to Everything by Jim Davis.

In this book, the philosophizing fat cat weighs in on a whole kit and caboodle of subjects from ecology to astrology, Shakespeare to stupidity.

Games and e-cards available at:

March 21, 2012 at 10:18 am Leave a comment

How to Speak Cat! by Sarah Whitehead.

All cats talk. You just have to know how to speak their language! This book can help you learn what your pet is saying: Why does she purr? How does she train you to pet her? Find out how to train your cat to come when you call her, sit up, and play fetch!

Learn more tips from this video:

March 12, 2012 at 9:38 am Leave a comment

Garfield Fat Cat Pack Vol. 14 by Jim Davis.

Three books in  one means three times the fun! Fat-cat fans rejoice! The portly puss with a penchant for pasta is back-and better than ever. Read: Survival of the fattest, Older & Wider, and Pigs Out.

Send an e-card, play a game, and download fun stuff from

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Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery.

Bobbi and Bob Cat are the best friends. When their hometown of New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina, they lost everything, as did so many others. Only by staying together could Bobbi and Bob Cat survive. This is the true story of their remarkable friendship.

Don´t miss this new book from the authors of Nubs!

Visit this book website, to find more about Two Bobbies.

March 1, 2012 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

A Tale of Two Castles by Gail Carson Levine.

Mysteries abound, especially in Two Castles.

Elodie journeys to the town of Two Castles to become a mansioner—an actress—but the master of the troupe turns her away. Brilliant dragon Meenore takes her in, then sends her on a dangerous mission within an ogre´s castle. There´s disguised as a kitchen maid, she plays the role of a lifetime pitted against a foe intent of murder.

Black-and-white cats, a handsome cat trainer, a greedy king, a giddy princess, a shape-shifting ogre, a brilliant dragon… Elodie must discover which of then is kind, which is cruel, and, most of all, which is the one who deserves her trust.

Visit the author´s website or watch the book trailer:

March 1, 2012 at 11:55 am Leave a comment

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