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Babymouse Mad Scientist by Jennifer & Matthew Holm.

The greatest scientific discovery of the 21st century is about to be revealed . . . when Babymouse enters the school science fair! Will her amazing discovery win 1st place? Will it become a successful spin off series? Find out in Babymouse: Mad Scientist! Mad Scientist is the 14th graphic novel in the award-winning series and the Babymouse that begins the amazing adventures of SQUISH: SUPER AMOEBA! from Goodreads.

Watch a book talk from a librarian of Arlington Public Library:

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Squish Super Amoeba by Jennifer and Matthew Holm.

Read this new graphic novel series about a comic book-loving, twinkie-eating grade school amoeba trying to find his place in the world (or at least trying to make it through a school day). Inspired by his favorite comic book hero, SUPER AMOEBA!, Squish has to navigate school (bullies! detention! Principal Planaria!), family (dad: Hates to wear a tie. Secretly listens to heavy metal in the car), and friends (Peggy-rainbows! happy all the time! and Pod . . . who’s . . . well, you just have to meet him). Can Squish save the world–and his friends–from the forces of evil lurking in the hallways? Find out in Squish: Super Amoeba–saving the world, one cell at a time! From Squish website.

Here is the book trailer:

or watch Matthew Holm telling about how Squish was created:

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A Very Babymouse Christmas by Jennifer and Matthew Holm.

´Tis season for family, peace, godwill, and…whizbangs!!!

Babymouse will do whatever it takes to make sure she gets the present she wants this year-even if it means outsmarting Santa himself!

Will Babymouse get a whizbang?

Will she learn the true meaning of the holidays?

Learn more about the authors, here.

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Babymouse: Heartbreaker by Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm.


A school dance leads to plenty of good daydreaming. Cinderella, handsome princes, makeovers, spectacular feats on the dance floor. It also leads to plenty of real life heartbreak when a Glamourmouse makeover fails and no one asks Babymouse to the dance. From Big A Little A.

Learn more about Jennifer Holm at her site.


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Babymouse Skater Girl by Jennifer & Matthew Holm.

BEST GYMNAST. BEST speller. Best kazoo player. It seems everyone has a talent except Babymouse. That is, until Babymouse takes to the ice and surprises everyone with her spectacular spins and jubilant jumps. Until the famous Olympic coach, Coach Bearnakorva, discovers her and asks Babymouse to be her new protege. Will Babymouse’s dreams of a medal come true? Or is she treading on thin ice? From Goodreads.

Glamour, excitement and adventure at her website.

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Babymouse The Musical by Jennifer & Matthew Holm.

This time Babymouse is persuade by Henry Higgins to try out a school musical. The book is full or parodies of great musical numbers, such as: Grease, The Phantom of the Opera and some others. A lot of fun!

Check her website:

Get it free from:

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