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More facts you will enjoy!


Fire! By Joy Masoff.

Presents the work done by fire fighters, including the equipment they use, the fires they fight, the rescues and investigations they perform, and the history and future of fire fighting. Form GoogleBooks.


Nat Geo Amazing! 100 People, Places, and Things by Melina Gerosa Bellows.

The thrilling images, incredible stories, and utting dge design of this book will have you doing doubletakes at some of the most fascinating and fun information in the world, including: amazing animals, interesting people, weird but true facts, natural wonders and more!


Houdini by Kathleen Krull.

He made himself a living legend and became the most famous name in magic. Bur Harry Houdini, like his acts, was fascinating and mysterious. Even as a child, crowds gathered to watch him perform tricks no one else could do. He mastered every form of magic –card tricks, juggling, illusions- and traveled the world over to make a name for himself. But true stardom came when he focused his act around daring, heart-stopping escapes.


Diving by Tony Norman.

There is nothing to beat the thrill of entering an underwater world and becoming a part of it.

Discover what equipment divers use, the training they have, and the heroes that inspire them.


Planet Watch by Martyn Bramwell et al.

A comprehensive look at life on Earth, and shows how we can help make sure our environment is preserved for generation to come.

See how climate change affects the world around us and find what might happen in the future to the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the land we live on.


Extreme Aircraft.

Check out cool Smithsonian websites and exhibits throughout the book. Meet a Smithsonian specialist.


Crime Scene Investigation by Lorraine Jean Hopping.

There has been a murder. A victim lies dead. The police seal off the crime scene an call in the forensics experts. This book takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of forensics: from the crime scene to the crime laboratory.


Mummies by Christopher Sloan.

You won´t be able to tear your eyes away from the parade of mummies on these pages – many with skin, bone, hair, clothing, jewelry, and even tattoos intact. Dig into their worlds and discover their secrets.


Million Dollar Art Theft; The Van Gogh Museum Robbery by Amanda Howard.

Early in the morning of 7th December 2002, two men broke into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They escaped with two painting worth 17 millions of pounds. See how the evidence in this case was used to convict two criminals.


Pyramids by John Malam.

Uncover the secrets of the pyramids and find out how and why they were built.

The history behind these magnificent structures is explored in detail through one hundred facts, fantastic images, and fun cartoons.  Learn about pyramids around the world, explore their hidden passages and chambers, and discover the treasures buried within them.

faf Fascinating Animal Facts.

Fun facts in a lively and exciting format teach children all about animals and how they behave, including hunting, communication, migration, habitat and much more.

Over 1200 stunning pictures by top wildlife photographers, including close-ups and habitats shots.


The Amazing World of Castles by Barbara Taylor.

Discover what lies behind the massive stones of a castle wall, beyond the iron gates and over the deep, dark moat. Enter a world of romance and adventure, of hardship and battle, and fight your way in between a hail in arrows to discover the world inside a castle under siege. Meet the sweating in his forge, and the young squire learning to joust and fight.  Find out about the armour and weapons of Europe´s crusading knights and take a glimpse at the fearless Samurai warriors of Japan.


British Kings & Queens.

Take a journey through time and explore Britain´s heritage. Using the monarch as the thread, this book brings to life all of the key events from Britain´s past.


The World´s Most Amazing Castles by Ann Weil.

Which castle was built into the side of a cliff?

Where is Himeji Castle, and why people think it is haunted?

Was Castle Frankenstein the setting for Mary Shelley´s famous novel?


Henry Ford by Mike Venezia.

Biography of this famous inventor.


Spiders by Barbara Taylor.

Explore the secret world of the arachnids with pictures and fascinating facts.


Bettles and Bugs by Dr. Jen Green.

Exciting and accessible facts on the key aspects of beetle and bug life and behavior. Over 200 stunning color images by top wildlife photographers, plus superb illustrations revealing the complex inner workings of a bug´s body.


Megastructures by Ian Graham.

Take an in-depth look at the world´s mightiest structures… why they were designed, how they were built, how people use them. From the world´s first mile-high building to the deepest tunnel under the ocean, discover the incredible world of megastructures.


Life in Ancient Greece by John Guy.

A comprehensive, informative and highly readable introduction to the world of the ancient Greeks.


Military Survival by Nick Hunter.

How are soldiers able to keep calm and fight back when under heavy fire? What does it take to be selected to join a Special Forces unit? How do soldiers stay alive behind enemy lines? In this book you´ll read abut people who have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and the special training and equipment they receive in order to survive the most perilous situations!


Fearsome Animals by Mark Shulman.

You haven´t felt fear until you´ve encountered fearsome animals. Once this book gets its claws into you, it won´t let you go, You´ll be dragged through pages after page of deadly, terrifying beasts. The largest one will crush you, the smallest ones will poison you, and the rest will leave you breathless.


A Black Hole is Not a Hole by Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano.

 Aspiring astronomers can learn what black holes are, what causes them, how scientists first discovered them and more, in an informative science book that includes space paintings, real telescopic images, funny doodles and speech bubbles. From Goodreads.


War in Afghanistan and Iraq by Janet and Gerry Souter.

Find out why troops re fighting a war thousands of miles form home, what the many jobs of the military forces are and what life in military camp us rally like. Also read about the experiences of conflict in the words of the Afghan and Iraqi children and the relatives of soldiers back home.

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My Name is Parvana by Deborah Ellis.


My Name is Parvana by Deborah Ellis.

In post-Taliban Afghanistan, American soldiers have just imprisoned a teenage girl. But who is she? Why was she found wandering alone in a bombed-out school? Could she be a terrorist?

The girl is held on an American military base and interrogated. Yet she does not respond to questions in any language and remains silent, even when she is threatened, harassed and mistreated over several days.  The only clue to her identity is tattered shoulder bag containing papers that refer to people name Shauzia, Nooria, Leila, Asif, Hassan- and Parvana.

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Kids of Kabul by Deborah Ellis.

Eleven years after the publication of The Breadwinner, her international best-selling novel, Deborah Ellis travels to Afghanistan to find out how the kids of Kabul are faring today.

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Ms. Becky P. made a donation of 12 books to Encino Library!

Thank you Ms. Becky!

Here they are:

The Black Death by George Capaccio

This book tells the story of the bubonic plague, and its social and historical consequences. It has a teacher´s guide, called: Teaching Strategies for Reading & Writing in the Content Areas for use with this title. (Sorry, there is no picture available).

Long Rifle: A Sniper´s Story in Iraq and Afghanistan by Joe LeBleu.

On September 11, 2001, standing in lower Manhattan, former U.S. Army Ranger Joe LeBleu knew what he had to to-return to active duty. By the time he received another honorable discharge in 2005-as a sergeant, paratrooper, and sniper team leader-he had become known as “Long Rifle” for shooting an Iraqi insurgent at 1,100 meters in Fallujah.  This book is the memoir of a U. S. Army sniper from the 9/11 generation and a stirring testament to the core values of American soldiers: integrity, honor, and courage.

The essential 55 by Ron Clark.

Make eye contact

Do not save seats

Be the best person you can be and many more inside the book!

Hear a sample of the audiobook, here or see Ron Clark videos in his website.

Little Ways to Say You Care: Showing the People You Love how Special They Are by Marbelle Young Stewart.

Little acts of love and kindness you can share with your beloved ones. The key concept is “show”. Sometimes is hard to find the right words to express your feelings. Sometimes you can find the right words, but it´s hard to say them. That´s when actions can speak louder than words.

The Underground Railroad by Barbara Brooks Simon.

Describes the Underground Railroad through stories written by fictional former slaves. Uses authentic photographs and illustrations to portray the living conditions of slaves on plantations, and describes the escape route from the American South to freedom in Canada. From Google Books.

How Writers Work by Ralph Fletcher.

There is no secret about writing, it is a process. If you like to write, there are definitive steps you can take to help you reach your goals. This book will show how writers work, how you can become a writer, and how you can find a process that works for you. Find more tips, here or in this video:

Shadow Art: How to Have Fun in the Dark by Sophie Collins.

Learn the art of shadow -casting. Made using only your hands and a flashlight or lamp, shadow animals have a charm that has lasted through the ages. So, if modern party games seem soulless, step out of the shadows with this book. Just a little practice will have you demonstrating the roar of a lion and the snap of a crocodile.

Japanese-English English-Japanese Dictionary by Seigo Nakao.

Designed for non-native speakers of Japanese, this book is perfect for travelers, business people, and students.

Magia Magnética by Paul Doherty & John Cassidy.

Scientific-magic activities exploring magnets science. Lots of tricks to impress your family and friends.

Chistes para chavitos

A collection of jokes in Spanish to share and spend a nice laughing time.

Crea tu propia revista by Barbara Taylor.

Ideas and facts about how to make you own magazine. Design, letters, interviews, styles and more!

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Shadow by Michael Morpurgo.

Never has Aman needed a friend more than when a Springer Spaniel appears in the mouth of his Afghan cave. The dog becomes a constant companion, a shadow, and that´s what Aman decides to call her.

But life becomes more dangerous by the moment. Eventually, Aman and Shadow find the courage to leave. But how far can Shadow lead them?

And in this terrifying new world, is anywhere really safe…?

The story behind Shadow by the author:

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Understanding September 11th by Mitch Frank.

What happened on September 11th?

Who were the hijackers?

What is terrorism?

What is Islam?

Why does the Middle East matter to us?

Why did the terrorists target the United States?

Why did we go after Afghanistan?

Who are the Taliban?

What is Islamism?

Who was Osama bin Laden?

How has America changed since September 11th?

On September 11th, America was attacked. But while we know what happened on that tragic day, many of us don’t understand why it happened. In Understanding September 11th, Time magazine reporter Mitch Frank clearly explains why and answers these essential questions. Filled with pictures, maps, and straightforward explanations, this is the book that will enable young people to understand the events of 9/11.

Enrichment activities, here. Looking for more? Beyond September 11th.

See some after September 11th pictures at 911 Digital Archive.

Understanding September 11th project class video:

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Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams & Khadra Mohammed.

When relief workers bring used clothing to the refugee camp, everyone scrambles to grab whatever they can.  Ten-year-old Lina is thrilled when she finds a sandal that fits her foot perfectly, until she sees that another girl has the matching shoe.  But soon Lina and Feroza meet, each wearing one coveted sandal.  Together they solve the problem of having four feet and two sandals.

Teachers, you can visit Karen Lynn Williams site to look for a teacher guide to use with this book.

Pick inside the book:

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