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Guinness World Record 2012: Gamer´s Edition.

The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition is now in its fifth edition. The ultimate guide to videogames, Gamer’s 2012 is completely updated with amazing new records and the very best images from this year’s top titles. There are also exciting news stories and fascinating nuggets of trivia detailing recent and upcoming developments in the world of gaming, along with Top 10 charts ranking the most impressive scores and achievements. Discover a dazzling array of essential facts and figures about record-breaking videogames and the highest-scoring players, along with fascinating quotes from the leading figures in the industry. There’s also an entertaining taglines quiz that will test just how much you know about the games’ stories and characters. From B&N.

Don´t miss this video:

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Encino Book Fair was a success!!

Thank you all CI Community for your support!!!

844 Visits!!

We had 119 contestants, here are the winners:

Stack of books guessing game

David C. 4F

Daniel G. 8B

Book Fair raffle Winner

Alejandro C. 4A

Origami Contest Winner

Mabel V.

Best Books List Winner

Dany 6D

January Guessing Game Answers

Dany  6D

Monica H. 6B

Please pick up your prizes at Encino Library.

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San Agustin Book Fair is now open!

Don´t miss the opportunity to choose from a big variety of good books!!

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National Geographic Almanac 2012.

The National Geographic Kids 2012 Almanac is packed with fun-to-browse features, useful reference material, homework help developed by educators, and the kind of quirky facts that kids adore. Amazing animals, cool inventions, funny roadside attractions, outer space, green living, natural disasters, maps, puzzles—it’s all here in one irresistible volume.While competing almanacs offer about 10 percent new content each year, this book delivers at least 40 percent new content, including new articles, games, photos, and facts. A newly updated Your World section opens the almanac with timely information and unique National Geographic content. A 100% new game section features photo-puzzles, illustrated pen-and-pencil games, and other brainteasers. Every chapter is updated with exciting new content: photos of animals, adventure, and nature; maps of the continents, new this year; hundreds of facts and figures; and fascinating stories about incredible creatures, space, vacations, and more. From B&N.

See what this book is about:

One more video, here.

Quiz your noodle!


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Guinness World Records 2012.

What´s new in this year edition?

Incredible! more than 1;000,000 world record holders!

4,000 new, updated and classical world records!

Over 900 amazing photos!

Visit Guinness World Records site, here or its youtube channel to watch more records.

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Ripley´s Believe It or Not! Special Edition 2012.

One of the most popular books is already at Encino Library: Ripley´s Believe It or Not! Special Edition 2012.

There´s nothing stranger than the truth. The proof is inside! Have you ever seen…

an artist that squirts paint from his eyes?

a snowman smaller than the width of a human hair?

a Triceratops made out of pumpkins?

Can it be? Find it out at Encino Library!


Can´t wait? Look for weirdest stuff at Ripley´s site.

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