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You are invited to a Creepover, two more titles at Encino!


índiceThe Show Must Go On by P. J. Night.

Bree is dying to play this part… Bree Hart has wanted to star in the school play for as long as she can remember, but she´s always been too shy to audition… until this year. Bree puts her fears aside and auditions-and gets cast as the lead in a new play called The Last Sleepover.

At first Bree loves the thought of being in the spotlight. But after some disastrous incidents on set and persistent nightmares at home, Bree starts to think that the Last Sleepover might not be an ordinary school play. In fact Bree can´t shake the feeling that something very sinister is going on behind the scenes. Is t stage fright? Or could the play be haunted?


You can´t come in here! By P. J. Night.

What goes on behind closed doors? Emily Hunter loves hanging out with her new neighbors. From their killer rec room to their great guitar skills, Drew and Vicky Strig are supercool. The only bummer is that the Strigs are homeschooled, and Emily´s other friends haven gotten to know them yet. So Emily comes up with a plan for everyone to meet-a big party and sleepover at her house!

But was Emily gets ready for the party, she begins to wonder about Drew and Vicky. They won´t let Emily in to certain rooms of their house, and a wolf howls on their lawn every night. Is it only Emily´s overactive imagination, or are the new neighbors more than just a little strange?

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Reading gives you superpowers!!

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