4 books CI students should read.

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13 painters children should know by Florian Heine.

In this book you´ll learn about thirteen important painters from many different periods. These artists´ painting styles were as varied as the times in which they lived. You can find out more about the painters, their lives, and their most beautiful and famous paintings. A glossary explains special terms and a timeline gives you an overview of important events during the artists´ lifetime.


13 art illusions children should know by Silke Vry.

Are things really as they appear? Our eyes can easily be deceived and great artists take advantage of this. Their works contain images within images, hidden messages, and crooked lines that appear completely straight. They have created optical illusions, trompe l´oeils, and baffling Surrealist pictures. Using masterpieces by René Magritte, M. C. Escher, Victor Vasarely and many others, this book explains the thirteen most important optical tricks.


13 buildings children should know by Annette Roeder.

This book tells you the most important things about each of the buildings and the architects who built them. A timeline gives you an overview of what was happening when they were being constructed, as well as both before and after.


13 artists children should know by Angela Wenzel.

Find out about the most famous artists and pictures, where and when they lived, as well as the ideas they tried to put into practice in their paintings. A time lines gives you an idea of important events, which took place during each artist´s lifetime.


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