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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Two more titles at Encino!

Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow.

With the help of this faithful stuffed tiger companion and his after  eggs – Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and Tracer Bullet- Calvin continues to navigate the tricky waters of youth.
Watch a brief part here:

The Revenge of the Baby Sat.

More adventure, now with some supervision..

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Garfield by the pound by Jim Davis.

Garfield, the furry food processor, is back for another helping of tastefully outrageous fun! And America’s most-famished feline is breaking all records for mealtime mayhem! Whether he’s snatching a snooze, drop-kicking the dog, or discovering the joys of a simple tummy scratch, Garfield always knows where his next nibble is coming from. If you’re hungry for laughter, you’ll eat him up. Pound for pound, there’s no funnier cat around! From Amazon.

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Simpsons Comics Extravaganza by Matt Groening.

Welcome to the remarkable first four issues of Simpsons Comics, brought to you by the Bongo Comics Group, a small but overachieving band of merry artists, designers, lawyers and publicists. Their work looks effortless, but the Bongo gang has shed several droplets of sweat, a few droplets of blood, and perhaps even a couple of tears of joy in the making of these comics.

Don’t worry, however: All Bongo bodily secretions have been wiped off the original art so as not to distract you from your entertainment experience.

As Bart might say, “We’re proud of these comics, man.” As Lisa might say, “Damn, they’re good.”

And as Marge might say, “I don’t want you sitting up in that tree house all day reading comic books! You’ll ruin your eyes!” From Goodreads.

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Who was…? books!!

Who is J. K. Rowling? by Pam Pollack, Meg Belviso, Stephen Marchesi and Nancy Harrison.

Learn more about the creator of one of your favorite books: Harry Potter.

Who was Daniel Boone? by Sydelle Kramer.

Called the “Great Pathfinder”, Daniel Boone is most famous for opening up the West to settlers through Kentucky. A symbol of America’s pioneering spirit Boone was a skilled outdoorsman and an avid reader although he never attended school. Sydelle Kramer skillfully recounts Boone’s many adventures such as the day he rescued his own daughter from kidnappers. From Amazon.

Who was Annie Oakley? by Stephanie Spinner.

You want girl power? Meet Annie Oakley! Born in 1860, she became one of the best-loved and most famous women of her generation. She amazed audiences all over the world with her sharpshooting, horse-riding, action-packed performances. In an age when most women stayed home, she traveled the world and forged a new image for American women. From Goodreads.

Visit the Who was series website, you´ll find the complete list and an interesting game.


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Don´t miss the opportunity of helping!


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