A fun story and six fact books just for you!

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Puppet Pals are out to get Seke! Puppet Pals are taking over the third grade. Zeke doesn´t understand what the excitement is all about. The silly finger puppets are just plain boring. Will Seke ever learn to love these putrid pals?

Examine drawings that fool the eye into believing a flat surface is three dimensional, that coils are rolling from left to right across the page, and white spaces are flashing at you-plus more. Find out about closure, lines of perspective, the “Rubin Vase”, and how such concepts and techniques can help you untangle these fascinating tricks of eye and mind.

Can you face the most disgusting things you will ever encounter? From nauseating foods to revolting habits, from jungle crawlers to stomach worms, here your ultimate guide. Each vile entry includes a yuck rating and all the disgusting details you need to prepare yourself for the real-life scenario.

From the highest mountains to the deepest canyons, from the most powerful engines to the fastest trains, this is your ultimate guide to everything – tallest buildings to coolest creatures, hottest deserts to creepiest mummies, and much more!

Each amazing entry includes an ‘awesome’ rating and all the incredible details you need to picture being there yourself. A spotters’ guide to volcanoes: how they form, what happens when they erupt, how best to survive if you’re caught in an eruption.

Need help studying? Love trivia? Just want to impress your friends? Get on top of your fact game with this book. If you have questions, it has a lot of answers and it is packed with hundreds of facts, figures, and stats.

Giggle, chuckle, laugh, and guffaw as you flip through these hilarious pages!

Watch the book trailer:

Find some jokes at National Geographic site.

Are you “normal”? gives you answers to questions you´ve (probably) never thought to ask. How does it works? It´s simple, Inside you´ll find page after page of colorful, hilarious, and thought-provoking questions.


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