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Things for Girls to Make and Do by Leonie Pratt, Rebecca Gilpin and Ruth Brocklehurst.

This delightful book is packed with princesses, mermaids, fairies, hearts and flowers. There are ideas for things to wear, such as a pretty tiara or a sparkly mask, as well as ideas for presents, pictures, cards and lots, lots more.

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Leyendo catalog

Dear UE students,

Remember Leyendo catalog due date is next Thursday, October, 4. If you want to order books from Leyendo, bring you filled form  and money to Encino Library.

Books will arrive approximately at the end of October, except for the Wimpy Kid 7.
Enjoy your reading!

Ms. A.

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The Absolute Beginners Guide Stringing Beaded Jewelry by Karin Buckingham.

Absolute beginner? Absolutely no worries!

If you´d love to get started stringing beaded jewelry but would appreciate some friendly guidance as you begin, help is in this book. Using the close-up step-by-step photos and clear instructions, you´ll see exactly how to begin stringing your very first necklace. Star with easy projects, move through the book, and watch your skills grow!

The author post photos of her creations at her blog:

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The Not-For-Parents Travel Book by Michael Dubois, Katri Hilden & Jane Price.

Cool stuff to know about every country in the world. Read about the epic events, amazing animals, funky foods, and crazy facts that make the world´s 200 countries so fascinating.

Quick look inside:

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How Weird Is It? A Freaky Book All About Strangeness by Ben Hillman.

What´s small and furry and chased mice around pyramids thousands of years ago?

That´s right, an Egyptian cat. But what was the final fate of these family felines? For many of them, it was time to be turned into cat mummies!

Want to see more, check his website:

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Cute! A Guide to All Things Adorable by Bart King.

Things that make you say, “Awww!”

Cute! celebrates and explores all things adorable and answers important questions like:

Is being cute a super-power?
Why are bulldogs cute?
Is pink actually a boy´s color?
Where is the world capital of cuteness?
What animals are in the Cuteness Hall of Fame?

Funny and kid friendly, Cute! is sprinkled with sweet surprises and fun facts. It even has a “Cuteness Check list” for scoring the adorability of ANYTHING. (Including your little brother!).

More of his books at his website.

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Ghosts And Real-Life Ghost Hunters by Michael Teitelbaum.

It´s late at night, and you´re home alone. You hear chains being dragged across the attic floor. Eerie lights appear outside your window.

Piano music floats up from downstairs.

Your house is definitely haunted!

Or maybe not. Ghost hunters claim they can figure out what´s really going on. They´ll tell you wether your house has ghosts-or just noisy pumbling.

Want to know more?

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