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Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

One cruel night, Meggies´s father reads aloud from Inkheart, and an evil ruled named Capricorn escapes the boundaries of the book, landing in their living room. Suddenly, Meggie´s in the middle of the kind of adventure she thought only took place in fairy tales. Somehow she must master the magic that has conjured up this nightmare. Can she change the course of the story that has changed her life forever?

Look inside the real life of the author in this video:

And remember you can check the trilogy at Encino Library!

Watch the movie trailer:

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Is there any new book about Sports? Actually, there are two at Encino Library!

Scholastic Year in Sports 2012.

This must-have sports almanac will tell kids everything they want and need to know about the previous year in sports. Relive the year’s most thrilling moments and championships and meet the top athletes and legends, along with predictions for the coming year. Includes fabulous full-color photographs throughout from major sports like basketball, baseball, football, and hockey, to golf, tennis, cycling, auto racing, action sports, and more! From Scholastic.

Game Breakers by James Gigliotti.

Find out what makes these fifteen players the best of the best!: Drew Brees, Dallas Clark, Larry Fitzgerald, James Harrison, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Thomas Jones, Eli Manning, Chad Pennington, Adrian Peterson, Ed Reed, Philip Rivers, DeMarcus Ware, Wes Welker and Brian Westbrook.

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Simpsons Comics: Unchained by Matt Groening.

Attention, citizens! Lock your doors and windows! Run for your lives! The Simpsons are busting out the bindings of their biggest and best book yet, and no one is safe from their maniacal comic madness! See Grampa Simpson embark on a new career as El Grampo, a modern day Zorro for the senior set, whose anarchistic shenanigans start to cramp the similarly–inspired protests of his grandson, Bart Simpson (a.k.a. El Barto). Behold the destructive power of censorship as Homer Simpson and the Comic Book Guy fight for their right to free speech and their very lives. Envison a local celebrity, Krusty the Clown, who comes to dinner and refuses to leave. Witness Mr. Burns’ power mad scheme to undermine the economy of Springfield by paying his employees in jelly donuts. Observe a town caught in the thrall of an international media sensation, unable to separate themselves from the television chronicle of the life of one man䇯mer Simpson. From Amazon.

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A Little Giant Book of Jokes by Joseph Rosenbloom.

The biggest little collection of jokes has so many irresistible chuckles that you won´t be able to laugh at just one…

Plus tongue twisters, shaggy dogs, first dates and more!

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We love our planet!!

Planet Earth: Up Close! By Matthew and Steve Murrie.

Take an up close and personal look at some of the most amazing animals and places on the planet!

Imagine being close enough to touch…

From the depths of the oceans to the frozen poles, Planet Earth takes you closer than ever to the head of a bullet ant, the spots on a jaguar, the snout of a dugong, and much more.

Living Planet.

Full of spectacular photos and amazing facts, Living Planet offers a fascinating picture of life on Earth. Learn all about the incredible diversity of life o our planet, from cuckoos to crocodiles and from tigers to trees.


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Caballeros y Castillos by Philip Dixon.

Up to date information of castles, 3D images of medieval castles and brief description of most important castles in the world.

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National Geographic Series.

The Great Migration: African Americans Move to the North 1915-1930 by Monica Halpern.

After the Civil War, the South went through a period of rebuilding, termed Recon-struction, but because many white people in the South were not ready to accept African Americans as equals, unfair laws were passed which restricted the rights of blacks. These Black Codes and Jim Crow laws left African Americans adrift in a segregated world.
Life was better in the North in many ways for African Americans. The 1920s brought jobs and money—until The Great Depression hit. The Depression left many homeless and jobless. Many blacks left the cities seeking jobs wherever they could find them. Despite the hard times that followed, living in the North continued to bring a renewed sense of freedom to many African Americans. From Random House.

Egypt: Cultures and Celebrations by Greg Banks.

Explore key concepts of Egyptian culture in this book.

Rome by Kevin Supples.

This book compares the cultures of modern Rome, Italy, and the ancient Roman Empire during a period of prosperity and peace. The book explores a range of topics from everyday life, communities, technology, economies, and education.

Teachers can find activities related to this book, in this link.

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Matched by Ally Condie.

Cassie has always trusted the society´s choices. And when her best friend appears on the Matching screen Cassia is certain he is the one… until she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black.

Now she is faced with impossible choices: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she´s known and a path no one dares follow.. between perfection and passion…

Visit Matched series website or Ally Condie blog.

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Skeleton Creek 1 & 2 by Patrick Carman.

Skeleton Creek: Ryan´s Journal by Patrick Carman.

Something mysterious is happening in Skeleton Creek. Something scary. Something sinister.

Ryan came close to it… and nearly died. Now he´s trapped in his house. He can´t trust anyone, not even himself.

He is forbidden from seeing his best friend, Sarah. So while Ryan is isolated and alone, she plunges back into the mystery, putting her life on the line to get to the truth.

Ryan is desperately trying to write down the full story. And while he does, Sarah takes videos of what she finds, and then sends him the links so he can watch.

Together they discover: The past is dangerous. The present is haunted. And the future is deadly.

Ghosts in the machine by Patrick Carman.

Ryan and Sarah are trapped inside the mystery of Skeleton Creek. Nothing in their town is what it first appears to be. And there are forces at work that want to keep old secrets buried… at any cost.

Clue by clue, the pieces begin to add up – and they all point to danger. In his journal Ryan tries to chronicle his discoveries. Meanwhile, Sarah investigates and captures what she sees on video.

As time starts to run out, Ryan and Sarah are forced to make more and more desperate moves to get to the heart of the mystery. Someone – alive or dead- is trying to stop them. And as the stakes get higher, so do the risks.

There are three sides to this story: Ryan´s. Sarah´s. And the deadly truth.

Watch the book trailer or visit Skeleton Creek webpge:

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4 new titles of Eyewitness Books.

Ancient Greece by Anne Pearson.

Be an eyewitness to the fascinating lives of the Ancient Greeks – from their gods and myths to the first ever Olympic games.


Ancient Egypt by George Hart.

Explore the unbelievable riches of the pharaoh’s court – from amazing jewels to tools, and from toys to everlasting mummies.

Castle by Christopher Gravett.

 Learn about the exciting world of the medieval castle, from the dramatic methods use to defend and attack castles to what life was really like for the people living inside its mighty battlements.

Aztec, Inca & Maya by Elizabeth Baquedano.

Rise and fall of the pre-Columbian cultures of Meso- and South America.

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