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Skate! by Amy Junor.

Gus is the new kid in town. Read all about how he makes new friends and teaches them cool tricks.

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How to Improve at Gymnastics by Heather E. Brown.

Clear instructions that help you to master your skills and enhance your performance.

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Where´s Waldo? The Incredible Paper Chase by Martin Handford.

Have you found Waldo yet? Try in its seventh book! Warranted fun!

Find him online, by clicking here.

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Ed Emberley´s books.

Ed Emberley´s Drawing Book of Faces by Ed Emberley.

Simple step-by-step instructions show you how to draw all sorts of faces: people, animals, clowns, and strange creatures.

Ed Emberley´s Drawing Book of Tucks and Trains by Ed Emberley.

By using simple shapes and squiggles learn how to draw all sort of trucks and trains.

Ed Emberley´s Drawing Book Make a World by Ed Emberley.

Draw cars, trains, planes, and people. Enough things to make a world of your own.

Visit Ed Emberley´s website. Learn more about Ed Emberley:

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Animal Life by Charlotte Uhlenbroek.

Packed with thrilling close-up encounters that reveal the spectacular secrets of life in the wild this is a stunning exploration of animals and how they behave. From breathtaking hunting techniques to ingenious defense strategies, all animal life is here.

Watch the author explaining chimpanzee´s behavior:

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Cryptids and Other Creepy Creatures: The World of Unsolved Mysteries by John D. Wright.

Discover the stories behind the world´s scariest cryptids, from the Loch Ness Monster to alligators in the New York sewers.

A collection of the most unusual, scary, and exciting stories of cryptids from around the world.

Includes more than 40 creepy creatures, each with full-color artwork and locator maps.

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Mythbusters: Science Fair Book by Samantha Margles.

More than 30 amazing myths to bust… in the safety of your own home!

Mind-boggling myths or simple facts? It´s up to you to find out!

Just follow this book´s simple, step-by-step instructions, and we´ll help you bust or confirm these urban legends.

As you seen in TV, look on this video to find out what you can find inside this book:

Don´t miss Myth busters webpage. Follow them on twitter: @MythBusters

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