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Catzilla & The Curse of the Cat People.

Everyone´s favorite trick-or-treating cat is back! 3 stories from Garfield Show:

Orange and Black

Garfield is appalled that perfectly good candy is being given away to costumed children on Halloween, and decides to get a piece of that action, seeing Catzilla, the new star at the local zoo on the news, Garfield decides to disguise himself as Catzilla. It works like a charm-until the real Catzilla breaks out of the zoo!

Perfect Pizza

Garfield loves Vito´s pizza-they make the best pizza in the world-but Mama Meany´s Pizza Palace opens next door to Vito´s pizza and is determined to drive Vito´s pizza out of business. Only Jon and Garfield can save Vito´s from extinction!

Underwater World

Will Garfield actually dive into a lake-filled with water to save his friend Odie? Will this be Garfield´s one good deed of the year or will he simply adjust to an Odie-free existence?

Watch one of this adventures, and read the rest at Encino Library:

The curse of the cat people

Garfield and Odie get sucked into another dimension through a magi mirror, that brings Garfield face-to-face with Neferkity, high priestess of Kat-Ra! The inhabitants of this dimension want to worship Garfield -as their new pharoah! There just one catch!

The pet show

The grand prize at the pet show is master Italian chef Vito´s giant lasagna -which Garfield must have, even if it means getting rid of all the competition and entering Odie to win! But can even the adorable Odie out-cute Nermal?

Bone diggers

Odie digs up a bone in the backyard that turns out to be a valuable dinosaur bone, Garfield tries to sell it to the museum for big bucks, but doesn´t realize that the consequences may destroy his home.


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Frankly Frannie by A. J. Stern.

Can some one please get this girl a job?

She already has her résumé, business cards, and mustard packets (they´re so much more grown-up than ketchup). So why is it taking her eleventeen hundrend years to find work?

Frannie´s class is visiting the local radio station and the radio host is nowhere to be found

Should Frannie cover for him?

After all, this culd be her big break!

But what happens when listeners call in with questions and Frannie doesn´t know the answers?

Visit Frankly Frannie, click here to design you own résumé.

Frankly Frannie presents herself:

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The Grand Plan to Fix Everything by Uma Krishnaswami.

Eleven-year old Dini loves movies—watching them, reading about them, trying to write her own—especially Bollywood movies. But when her mother tells her some big news, it does not at all jive with the life script she has in mind. Her family is moving to India…and not even to Bombay, which is the center of the Bollywood universe and home to Dini’s all-time most favorite star, Dolly. No, Dini is moving to a teeny, tiny town she can’t even find on a map. Swapnagiri. It means Dream Mountain and it only looks like a word that’s hard to pronounce. But to that open-minded person who sounds the name out, one letter at a time, it falls quite handily into place: S-w-a-p-n-a-g-i-r-i. An honest sort of name, with no surprise letters waiting to leap out and ambush the unwary. That doesn’t mean there aren’t surprises in Swapnagiri like mischievous monkeys and a girl who chirps like a bird. And the biggest surprise of all: Dolly. So now, Dini is hard at work on a new script, the script in which she gets to meet the amazing Dolly. But life is often more unpredictable than the movies and when Dini starts plotting her story, things get a little out of control. From Uma Krishnaswami web page.

Watch the book trailer:

Or a conversation with the author:

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Chrissa by Mary Casanova.

The girls in Chrissa Maxwell´s new fourth grade class are decidedly unfriendly, her valentines mailbox is suspiciously empty -and it´s only her first day at Edgewater Elementary.

On the advice of her grandmother, Chrissa tries first to be nice and then to ignore the mean girls. But they just won´t quit, and they play their mean tricks everywhere -in class, on the bus, and even at swim club. Chrissa dreams of home-schooling or, better yet, of returning to her old school. But when the teasing turns into serious bullying, Chrissa must find the courage to stand strong and speak out.

There is a movie, here the trailer:

More of Chrissa´s author, at Mary Casanova site.

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Leonardo´s horse by Jean Fritz.

Fritz’s narrative opens as Leonardo da Vinci earns a commission from the duke of Milan to create a sculpture to honor the duke’s father a bronze horse three times larger than life. Though this creative genius spent years on the project, he died without realizing his dream and, writes Fritz, “It was said that even on his deathbed, Leonardo wept for his horse.” The author then fast-forwards to 1977: an American named Charles Dent vows to create the sculpture and make it a gift from the American people to the residents of Italy. How his goal was accomplished (alas, posthumously) makes for an intriguing tale that Fritz deftly relays. An inventive introduction to the Renaissance and one of its masters. From Home School Share, where you can find more information.

See how it happened in real life:

Learn more about Leonardo at DaVinci Science Center.

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